Flaxseed Slimming – How to prepare

As mentioned earlier in this blog, the flaxseed diet serves , it was found that slimming effect many times, now we’ll see how to prepare a papaya smoothie with flaxseed to lose weight fast .
This smoothie is actually a mixture of papaya, flax, milk and fiber. If you want to lose weight you must take in your breakfast or even in your dinner, is rich and nourishing, it will not be hard to take.
Once you try it you will see how delicious it is, is not it a good idea to lose weight by taking a delicious smoothie? Well no more to say here are the flaxseed smoothie recipe with papaya and milk.
Flaxseed smoothie recipe for weight loss 
Ingredients :
* A cup of skim milk
* Media papaya
* One tablespoon of flaxseed
* Two tablespoons of cereal fiber type All Bran
* Sweetener to taste
– Cut the papaya-pre-cubed peeled and put it in the bowl of the mixer. Here you will add the milk, flax and fiber type All Bran. Process until a paste will be nice and smooth and perfectly drinkable.
– Finally, this shake sweetened with sweetener of your choice (less sugar or any excessive heat, or you can drink it without adding sweet).
-Remember, obviously accompany their consumption with a balanced diet and exercise.
Now enjoy this delicious smoothie, flaxseed and lose a few extra kilos. Enjoy it and return to this site to give us your comment.

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