Combat uric acid and cholesterol naturally

Uric acid is due principalmete by excessive consumption of certain products such as meat, sausage, mayonnaise, soups industrialized, etc. So if you consume these products have a high uric acid, but here we give you a choice to reduce uric acid .
It is basically a vegetable stock that have properties to reduce uric acid naturally , so this wine consumed regularly at least once a week.
Vegetable broth
Poor diet can cause a rise in uric acid. It feels like crystallites that dig into the joints. Formerly a disease of kings because only they could afford the type of food that causes it: Binge meat, seafood …
This broth, plus combat uric acid and cholesterol, beautifies the skin.
½ l water
3 sprigs parsley
½ onion
100 g of cabbage
3 stalks celery
1 lemon (per serving)
Boil all ingredients, previously chopped or sliced, lemon least 15 minutes over low heat, let stand and strain. Just before tomárnoslo, add the juice of one lemon in each shot.
Take it three times a day, before meals. In 30 days we will have reduced the uric acid.
We hope that with this broth can eliminate uric acid from your body and you comment that we just did it with this excellent remedy. Remember to take care of your diet reduce uric acid and cholesterol .

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