What is the treatment for breast cancer?

A breast cancer diagnosis is followed by many questions and one of the first is, “What is the treatment for breast cancer?” Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for each type and stage of breast cancer today however, treatment is not suitable for everyone. Often, more than one treatment is necessary depending on the type of cancer, stage and the desired results. Generally, in an early stage cancers respond to treatment. Advanced cancer that has spread to other organs, reach a point where they can no longer be cured. The treatment approach at this point, is to control the spread of cancer and alleviating the symptoms caused by the cancer.
Two types of treatment for breast cancer. One is local, which means treating the tumor directly, and the other is a systemic treatment that fights cancer throughout the body. Drugs are systemic treatments.
The most commonly used treatments for breast cancer are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy or immunotherapy. Surgery and radiation are local therapies. They are used to remove, destroy or control cancer cells. The first line of defense is often surgery. In the past, surgery usually means a mastectomy or removal of the whole breast. Today, a procedure known as a lumpectomy, the removal of the tumor, is much more common. A lumpectomy is usually done when the cancer is found early, the tumor is small and only part of the breast. Once the cancer cells have extended mastectomy is more effective in removing most or all of the cells.
Radiation is another local treatment and often follows surgery. In some cases, is used to reduce the size of a large tumor before it is removed surgically. Treatment is relatively simple, effective and tolerated. Radiation points to a specific area and is designed to destroy cancer cells.
Systemic treatments are used to destroy or control cancer cells that have spread throughout the body. Chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy or immunotherapy are systemic treatments. These are all drug therapies. Chemotherapy is probably the best known. There are over 100 different drugs available. One or more of these drugs are given intravenously (into a vein), by mouth as a pill or a shot. Side effects can range from mild to significant, but many people tolerate chemotherapy.
Some cancers require natural hormones produced in the body to grow and spread.Hormone therapy is the use of hormones or hormone-like drugs to stop the body’s natural hormones to work effectively. Treatment may include medication or surgery.This differs from treatment of hormone replacement therapy, which is used to treat menopause.
Research indicates that the immune system can distinguish normal cells from cancer cells. An abnormal immune system or overwhelmed may allow cancer cells to develop. Biological or Immunotherapy serves to stimulate the body’s immune system to better fight cancer cells.
This is just a brief introduction in response to each patient’s question, “What is the treatment for breast cancer?” In short, there is no line of “one size fits all” attack against cancer. Each treatment is unique as the recipient. Ask your doctor before making any decisions about what treatment is best for you. Through research, new treatments continue to evolve. Knowing what happens to breast cancer research and new treatments. Next may be the cure.
I’ve been interested in cancer since my brother Jerry was diagnosed with colon cancer five years ago. After two surgeries he is doing well and is still cancer free. It was the first surgery to remove a large tumor from his colon and the second was to remove his colon. He has obviously been through a lot and the road to recovery was long.Two years ago my brother Fred was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Man, talk devastating! Well after a month or two the clash began Jewelry in and began to start treatments. My brother Fred was denied, what seemed like a long time. I wanted to write about my brothers cancers but decided thinking affect them some how so I decided to write about the cancers that no one in the family has so far. To send a massage to support my brothers Jerry and Fred, leave a comment here and I’ll see that they get it. For more information on the treatment of breast cancer , click on this link. http://www.Understanding-Breast-Cancer-Treatment.com
PS: My brother Fred is doing well. The doctors used chemotherapy reduced the tumor in it until it was out of radar. We are not sure that your gone but we know that its not growing, at least for now.


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