DOES cure cancer with baking soda?

The popular local television host, Mr. ADRIANA SIFUENTES of the “Health and Beauty” of Channel 47 interviewed Durango XXI Nutritionist Fausto Guerra, who is one year old in Healthy Living Alkalina World, and who leads the Diet Protocol Dr . Young.
ADRIANA: Welcome to your “Health and Beauty” as every Tuesday, we present to Mr. Fausto Guerra. Welcome to the program.
reading Ruth Smith Paper:
Thousands of people with cancer have turned to a lifestyle and as a reward Alkaleriana have returned to live full and free of the diseases in this aentrevista’ll also mention of another great scientist, that although it follows the philosophy Alkaleriana, has much to offer. I refer to Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist living in Rome, who unknowingly uses a Alkaleriano to combat any type of cancer. Dr. Tullio Simoncini says that ALL cancerous tumor, without exception, resides a colony of Candida albicans.
and that for 20 years has cured hundreds of patients. Dr. Simoncini has treated his cancer patients with baking soda. Yes, have escchado good viewing public wanted with baking soda.
Dr. Tullio Simoncini NOT using conventional treatment for cancer. Dr. Simoncini has reached 90% success in the elimination of cancer in patients using baking soda in soluble form. The fascinating thing is that no matter the type of cancer you have the person, what matters is where it is located for a total success. It is vital that the catheter (intravenous or directly) gets to where the colony of yeast, which is housed in the tumor formed.
According to Dr. Simoncini patients who have recovered again not develop the disease even after five years orthodox medicine dictates how the cure period. The acclaim that has cured patients for over 20 years.


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