Words and meaning

1. Arithmetic logic unit-
2. Work station-is a desktop computer
3. Minicomputer-a computer whose size speed and capabilities lie between those of a mainframe and a microcomputer.
4. Supercomputer- is able to process hundreds of millions of instructions per second. They are used for such application as weather forecasting, space exploration genetic engineering and other jobs requiring long, complex calculations.
5. Mainframe-a large-scale computer with a variety of peripheral devices , a large amount of backing store and a fast CPU. The term is often used in comparison with a smaller or subordinate computer. It should be noted that there is no clear dividing line between mainframes and minicomputer.
6. Byte- a group of eight bites, usually representing a single character
7. Bite-an acronym for binary digit. It can have a value of 1 or 0.
8. Peripherals- any hardware device connected to and controlled by the central processing unit (CPU).
9. Software-a collection of programs procedures and routines which direct the operation of a computer.
10. Telecommunication-the process of transmitting data between devices using transmission facilities such as telephone lines or microwave links
11. Character- one of the set of symbols that may be represented in a computer character may be letters, digits and symbols.
12. Hardware-the physical components of a computer system such as the computer itself, input, output and storage devices.
13. Bar-code reader- is a series of printed vertical lines of differing widths that represent number.
14. scanner- are a device that bounces a beam of light off the document and records that reflected light as a series of bits(binary digits) or a bitmap.
15. A graphic tablet or digesting pad- consist of a flat pad on which the user draw with a stylus or special pen.
16. Keyboard- is use to enter information and instruction into a computer by pressing various labelled key.
17. The mouse-is a handheld device that allow you to make selections and move items on the computer’s screen.
18. Track point-is more commonly found on a portable computer.
19. Concept keyboard- is a flat board that contain a grid of button. Each button can be programmed with a set of instruction.
20. Joy stick- is a device that allows the user to control the movement of the screen pointer by tilting an upright rod. The joystick is used as a game controller.


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