Sample of Principle of Businness (S.B.A.) Marketing

Sample of Principle of Businness (S.B.A.) Marketing
Submitted by: semajl

Name of Company: Sensatioń Lissé
Name of Product: Amethyst
Mission Statement:
To cleanse and enhance skin’s texture and erase today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspire both men and women to take better care of their skin.
Vision Statement:
To be the best our company can be and keep our product up to standard.
1. To make a profit
2. To satisfy customer needs
3. To reduce overall budget cost
4. To increase market share by 5% by 2013
5. To provide lower costs relative to key competitors
6. To be recognized as a leader in beauty care products
Factory: Seatons Village
Retail Store: White building beside Digicel on Market Street
Justification of Product:
In today’s society, many moisturizers promise smooth, healthy skin but at what cost? Most moisturizers either leave your skin too dry or too wet and clammy that is why we here at Sensatioń Lissé decided to create Amethyst. Amethyst is a moisturizer that works within the skin’s surface to optimize moisture levels, and leave you with sensually smooth skin. This breakthrough formula is designed to caress your body, capturing the feeling of pure silk on skin. Amethyst can also help to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. With no artificial fragrance Amethyst body lotion offers the advantage of natural cleansing. You’ll feel the difference after just one use.
It is summer and your skin is probably at its driest, using Amethyst will; help to create the feeling of wellness for body and soul, not only soothing but repairing the skin to have the perfect glow for you.
Price Comparison
Name of Competitors Price of Competitors Brand of Products Description of Products
Jergens $50.00 Body lotion, Sunscreen Moisturizers, 236 ml/ 8 fl oz
Shea Butter $41. 80 Body lotion 250 ml / 8.45 fl oz
Neutrogena $47. 50 Body lotion, Facial cleansers, Moisturizers, Makeup, Shampoo 250 ml / 8.5 fl. oz
Aveeno $35. 20 Body lotion, Shampoo, Moisturizers, Facial cleansers, Sunscreen…

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  1. Zeze says:

    Need help on how to start my SBA on productivity and pricing strategies

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    i would like help with the quality control measures part in the pob sba please,

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    i need help cn anyone help m wth my pob sba

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    I need help on my pob marketing sba

  6. Kaylia says:

    Hi I’m doing pob sba and I’m focusing on the marketing department. I’m doing a gym and restaurant in one and I’m stuck at the Market Research,promotion mix, pricing strategy, channel of distribution. Really need some guidance asap as the time is winding up for due date

  7. kedesha says:

    I want help with al of my sba plz.

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    pob sba time is waiting on no man

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    Hi! Awesome article you had written there. Personally, you have nailed everything and I’ve even bookmarked them for future reading. Keep it up and I appreciate you for writing the useful details!

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    great site I am doing a marketing plan for my POB SBA and need help.

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    i need help with my sba its from 2012 and its on business…. how to start a business

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    this kinda helped me when i reached the pricing section a bit but not enough. the things just kept going around in circles and i got confused and frustrated with it.

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    Is there any one here that can help me

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    it helped me with one section but I need more help \assistance please

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    I have practically finished my POB SBA but i dont have an executive summary. I need help with it

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    this sample has help me through a lot with my principles of business S.B.A. on marketing

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