Types of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is usually not the only cancer treatment, so it is often combined with surgery and radiation therapy modality called combination therapy or multidisciplinary.Among the different types are:
How to avoid side effects
Polychemotherapy : The association of various cytotoxic acting with different mechanisms of action, synergistically to decrease the dose of each individual drug and increase the therapeutic potency of all substances together. This association of chemotherapy is often defined according to the type of drugs forming the association, dose and time in which it is administered, forming a chemotherapy regimen .
Chemotherapy Adjuvant chemotherapy is usually given after primary treatment such as surgery, to decrease the incidence of distant spread of cancer.
Neoadjuvant or induction chemotherapy: Is chemotherapy is started before any surgical or radiotherapy in order to evaluate the effectivenessin vivo treatment. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy reduces tumor stage can improve the results of surgery and radiotherapy, and sometimes the response to reach the surgery, prognostic factor.
Concomitant radiochemotherapy: Also called chemoradiotherapy, administered concurrently or concurrently with radiation therapy to enhance the effect of radiation or spatially act with her, that is enhancing the local effect of radiation and act systemically with chemotherapy.


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