Beauty – Emergency Eye Action

Emergency Eye Action
From our 30s onward, the fragile skin around the eyes starts to take on a darker hue, to droop under gravity, and to crinkle more easily. Frowning, squinting, and rubbing all take their toll, and the morning after a big night out can leave the face looking noticeably older. Since the eyes are the part of the body with which we interact most with others, attention paid here can be transforming agewise.
Emergency Eye Action – Organic eye creams
Jurlique’s Eye Gel is impressively firming, cooling, and visibly lifts dark circles within hours. It contains antioxidant extracts of green tea, turmeric, and grape seed; arnica to kickstart a sluggish circulation; and eyebright to soothe inflammation. Weleda’s Intensive Eye Cream is based on oils rich in vitamins and moisture-preserving essential fatty acids, plus botanical extracts to counter puffiness. The Organic Pharmacy Lifting Eye Gel with rose hip and bilberry is recommended to deal with dark circles resulting from late nights and long-haul flights.
Emergency Eye Action – Quick pick-me-up
Apply a firming natural eye gel for a quick pick-me-up at any time of day when you feel old or when sleep beckons.
Beauty – Emergency Eye Action


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