What are enzymes



  • There are thousands of enzymes in your body – it could not function without them.
  • Some enzymes need an extra substance, called a coenzyme, to work. Many coenzymes are vitamins.
  • Most enzymes have names ending in ‘ase’, such as lipase protease and lipase.
  • Pacemaker enzymes play a vital role in controlling your metabolism – the rate your body use energy.
  • One of the most important enzymes groups is that of the messenger RNAs, which are used as communicators by the nuclei of body cells.
  • Many enzymes are essential for the digestion of food, including lipase, protease, amylase, and peptidase. Many of these are made in the pancreas.
  • Lipase is released mainly from the pancreas into the alimentary canal (gut) to help break down fat.
  • Amylase breaks down starches such as those in bread and fruit into simple sugars. There is amylase in saliva and in the stomach.

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