What are Dicotyledons


Dicotyledons are one of two basic classes of flowering plants. The other is monocotyledons.

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  • Dicots are plants that sprout two leaves from their seeds.
  • There are about 175,000 dicots – over three – quarter of all flowering plants.
  • Dicots include most garden plants, shrubs and trees as well as flowers such as magnolias, roses, geraniums and hollyhocks.
  • Dicots grow slowly and at least 50% have woody stems.
  • The flowers of dicots have sets of four or five petals.
  • Most dicots have branching stems and a single main root called a taproot.
  • The leaves of dicots usually have a network of veins rather than parallel viens.
  • Dicots usually have a later of ever-growing cells near the outside of the stems called the cambium.

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