Coconut Oil Skin Treatment

The antiseptic fatty acids in coconut oil help it to fight fungal and bacterial infections in the skin. Our skin has a chemical barrier that is promoted by sweat and sebum. This barrier is lost once we have had a bath using soap. Coconut oil strengthens this chemical barrier and hence is useful in fighting skin infections.

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for dry and damaged hair. Excessive cosmetic procedures like blow drying, bleaching, coloring, and natural conditions like the dry autumn winds or long exposure to glaring Sun damage the cuticle of hair. The result is dry, weak hair with split ends. Coconut oil acts as an excellent conditioner and can be pokies australia used to restore the lost moisture of one”s hair. It also conditions the scalp as it makes the hair soft.
Coconut oil does have some effect as far as lowering cholesterol is concerned. One of the prime factors why coconut oil is able to control cholesterol levels is its ability to stimulate thyroid function. When the body contains sufficient quantities of thyroid hormone, the excess cholesterol is converted into various hormones using enzymatic processes.


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  • Most of the skin infections that we have are caused by bacterias and viruses. We also need to build our immune system and take adequate amounts of vitamins and mienrals. ‘.;;”
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