Natural Herbs For Healing

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, the common cold, cancer and aids are now accepted as normal phenomena in society. Men have become less aware of signs of being diseased, and even more ignorantof the causesthus are unable to heal themselves.


The Periwinkle flower , used to regulate high blood pressure. A perfect remedy for diarrhea , excessive menstuation anh hemorrhage.


Seed Under Leaf

effective for kidney stones and gallstones. this herb is used to treat hepatatis A, B, and C herpes, and HIV, hypertension, diabetes and sickle cell anemia by continuously preparing a tea.



Tumeric contains curcumin which is effective against stomach, breast, skin and colon cancers. Research has shown that tumeric is especially effective against  Hpylori, a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. Tumeric can be taken as a tea or a spice in cooking.  


Stinging nettle

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Stinging nettle has been used to treat anemia, athritia, asthma, coughs, dandruff, diabetes, diarrhea, eczema, fever, gout, hemorroids, nose bleeds, scurvy, skatebites, tuberculosis, benign prostratehyperplasia and other urinary tract disorders. It is also very effective in the removal of kidney stones and also promotes the flow of breast milk.



The Noni Used to treat diabetes, rheumatic joints. Place the fruit in a jar and allow to ferment for 21 days and drink the black juice and see the change.


The Hibiscus Flower

Extract from the hibiscus flower lowers both low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.


Red Rasberry

Atea of the leaves has been used to reduce pain during child birth and treatment of ulcers.


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