Effects of Information Technology on Society


Information Technology is a branch which has recently been derived from computer science. It simply refers to the use of computer and other technologies for the management of vast information. This branch develops technologies (software and hardware) for information management and also solves information management. A research was conducted in depth to find out both the positive and negative effects information technology has on society.

Positive Effects of IT on Society

  • Sharing of information through the internet
  • Buying and selling products
  • Storage of large data without using much space
  • Keeps people informed of any recent events within a short amount of time
  • It helps in entertainment and gaining knowledge

Negative Effects of IT on Society

  • Radiation
  • Reduced spelling and grammar skills
  • Reduction in Human contact


Information Technology has both effects on the society but I believe that it affects the society more on a positive note than on a Negative Vibes.


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