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“Studying is a matter of mind. When you are studying, don’t think about anything else. Concentrate on what you are reading. Seek understanding, form questions and try to answer them. Keep your mind fresh.”
Isratsilma  Suhi
Student, 9TH Grade
11/1/2011 12:24:00 AM
“Before you start reading (or even opening a book), just try to think of what you already know about the topic. You may not know much. But that creates a sense of needing to know. This a stimulus to understand better. Here is an example. “A” and “B”, while sitting in a bus, see an ad about a new brand of television. “A” has been planning to buy a new television set for some days. Who do you think will grasp the ad more intensely? Use the same principle in your studies too.”
Toms John
Parent of high school student
Kollam Kerala, India
“When studying try to think of your notes as a book. Then read your notes pretending you have never seen them before. Try to study in various places around your home, like outside, on a bed, etc. When you are done studying, ask a parent, friend, or sibling to quiz you. You could also call a friend and ask for suggested ways to remember specific terms.”
Madison R.
Student, 7th grade
Raleigh, NC
“1.Keep your mind in a relaxed mood. 2.Don’t answer phone calls while studying. 3.Try to be confident about the topic you are studying. “
Dharunya Rekz
Student, B.S. pharmacy
Hyderabad, India
“Study with a fresh mind, in a quiet atmosphere. Be self driven. Make a mental picture of what you are studying by reflecting slowly for the information to be absorbed by your mind. I think that concentration is intentional. Intend to concentrate and then concentrate. A busy mind is never disturbed.”
Collins Mwamba
Student, College
Chililabombwe, Zambia
“Well, to find a quiet place to sit and study is great advice because it helps you to get away from noises that will distract you from your learning. Studying at the same time each day is a great way for remembring when to study because then you’ll get used to it. “
Sima Zahidy
Student, 6th
Melbourne, Australia
“Try to do mind mapping of whatever topic you are studying. For example, if the topic is “LITERACY,” circle that topic and make some questions for that topic, i.e., 1.WHAT is literacy? 2.HOW can literacy be built? 3.WHERE does literacy start? 4.WHO is taking steps to increase literacy? 5.WHICH country has the highest literacy rate? “
Ahsan Nomani
Student, 13 grade
Karachi, Pakistan
“It is important to be relaxed and try to study with full concentration. In order to concentrate when you study, you must exercise daily.”
Sneha Khan
Student, 2nd year
Karachi, Pakistan


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