Types Of War

Types Of War

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Big question.
Okay, I’ll help you. I will also give you some more examples.
1.) Civil War.
This is a war in which a large portion of the population of a country goes to war with another large part of the population, in open conflict. The best example of this is the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865.
2.) Revolutionary War.
This occurs when the general population of a country rises up against its own government, in order to overthrow it and replace it.
The best examples of this would be The American Revolutionary War and The French Revolution.
3.) Wars of religion.
This is when a large number of people, from the same country or different countries, take up arms against the people of another religion, or even different sects of the same religion.
The best examples of many countries banding together for the sake of religion, to fight another religion, would be the Crusades, The 30 Years war in Europe, and The War of the Spanish Succession.
4.) World War.
When many countries all over the world go to war against each other, while united through alliances against the opposing side.
The Best examples of this would be WWI and WWII, although it may be said that the 7 Years War of 1756 to 1763 was also a world war, in that it was fought mainly in North America and in Europe, while minor sea engagements spread to the Caribbean and other places.
5.) Cyber War.
This is a very new form of warfare, dealing with the attacks on another country’s computer systems, mainly through the internet. This could be done through misinformation, such as false reports placed in another country’s most popular media, to virus attacks to shut down internet communications completely.
A good example of this would be the garbage and misinformation coming out of the Middle East today, from such sources as Al Jazeera, Al Qaida, and the Taliban. Their victories could be said to occur when people of the target country begin to believe bizzarre conspiracy theories, or think that we a re losing in Iraq, when we are actually winning, and nearly finished there.
6.) Guerrilla War.
This is Spanish for “little war”. This is when there is a part of a population of a country, much smaller than the established part, who take to fighting in jungles and forests in little groups, always hiding and attacking only by surprise, usually on people who can not fight back.
Good examples of this would be the Malay war of the 1950’s, Vietnam, and present-day columbia.
7.) Proxy War.
As another answerer had said, this is when two major countries, for whatever reasons, can not openly fight each other, so they involve themselves in smaller conlicts, supporting either side, practicing for a possible future war against each other. The goals of the conflict itself usually become minor to the big picture of the two big countries indirectly fighting.
A good example of this would be the Afghanistan War of 1979-1989. The Soviets entered to support a failing communist government, only to be embroiled in a long guerrilla war with the Mujahedeen, supported by the U.S..
7.) Insurgency.
This is when the majority of a country has a popular elected government, yet some small elements of the population refuse to accept the reality, and carry out attacks usually on defenseless people, to scare them into reversing their support for the government.
The best example of this would be the present day Iraq War.
8.) Class or caste war.
This is when a whole group of a certain class rise up in rebellion against another class.
The best examples of this would be the Russian Revolution, and Cambodia in 1975-79.
9.) Wars of Unification.
This is when one strong state of a group of states, begins a series of wars to unite all the states into one country.
The best examples of this would be the Unification of Germany under Bismarck, and the Unification of Italy under Garibaldi and Maximillian.
10.) Wars of Nationalism.
This occurs when the people of one country suddenly feel that they are better than the people of another country, and therefore should be ruled by them.
Good examples of this would be Japan and Korea, Japan and China, and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.
11.) Wars for Resources.
This is when the people or government of a country decides that it needs the resources of another country, in order to survive or prosper.
It can also be of different peoples of the same country.
Good examples of this would be Darfur today, over water and arable land, or Japan’s drive for the Indonesia oilfields at the beginning of WWII in the Pacific.
12.) Wars of Genocide.
This happens when one group of people decide that another group of people aren’t fit to live, and must be exterminated.
A good example of this would be Rwanda a few years ago.
13.) Total War.
This is an advanced stage of World War, where no form of attack is barred.
Good examples of this would be the bombing raids on Germany during WWII, unrestricted u-boat warfare during WWII, and the use of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
14.) Cold War.
This is a form of war with balances, where both sides of alliances try to meet attack and defense needs of each other, either trying for an advantage, thus a reasonable chance for a successful outcome of a real war, or balance, thus preventing it.
The best example of this would be the Cold War of 1946 to 1991, in Europe and elsewhere, between the Warsaw Pact and NATO.
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