Types Of Production in Business

The Three Types Of Production Are;

  • Primary Production
  • Secondary Production
  • Tertiary Production
  1. Primary Production – is the extraction of basic materials provided by nature, either above or below the earth surface. the extractive industries are: Farming , Fishing and Mining. without these, production would not take place. Agriculture is an important primary production in the Caribbean.
  2. Secondary Production – These industries take raw materials obtained by the extracted industries and change them into products such as  fishing goods , office supplies etc.
  3. Tertiary Production – These finished products must be transported, stored insured adverted and sold by traders. this is what makes up the Tertiary Production.



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  • So I Am Doin my own business and in that business i sell men n wome work clothing n accerories so i want to know what type of production is it???

    • Secondary Production – These industries take raw materials obtained by the extracted industries and change them into products such as fishing goods , office supplies etc.
      Job Method
      With Job production, the complete task is handled by a single worker or group of workers. Jobs can be small-scale/low technology as well as complex/high technology.

  • Yes, in some text book I red,says that there are two types of production which are direct and indirect production.
    Direct production is the type of production in the individuals produce goods and services for families comsuption only and this types of production is produce in small scale or size and only families labour are employed while
    Direct produce are produced in larg scale and size for sale’s,this product required skilled labour to produce quanlity good and service for exchanges for money.
    They are now classified primary,secondary and tertiary production under Direct production,explain it clearly ?

  • this is really help full. thank you.
    i’m starting my own business where i will sell clothing, but the clothing i sell will be already made by another business. i’m just buying it from them to sell.
    what type of production is that?

    • there is none that can distinctly qualify as servicing equipment but if i had to choose id say secondary, seeing that you are using materials that are changed into products that are ultimately used.

  • I’m doing this assessment on Business and I’m the owner of a restaurant. what type of production is a restaurant???

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