Lettuce Production: Agriculture SBA Sample – Clearing of Land

NOTE: Make sure that your introduction on your lettuce production is similar to this but based on what you did in school(Change up the words).. this person got 29/30.

Land Clearing

We started clearing the land on the 27th January, 2011 from 9:00am-1:00pm. We were placed in groups of 2 and each group had 1 portion of land to clear. As a form of assistance, we used tools like, cutlasses, forks and hoes. Lettuce does best in well drained, high organic matter content soils.


On the 28th of January we started clearing the land in order to begin the SBA on lettuce production. We used the chemical control which we used the knapsack in other to spay the weedicide by the name of round up. We cleared the land using tools such as the hoe which was used to remove the large rooted plants and a cutlass in order to cut bushy areas and grass, the rubbish was then piled up with a rake and transported to the nearest compost heap.


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