Parts of the Computer and Their Function

Different Parts of the Computer and Their Function

A computer is made up of many different components. Each part has a specific function. Whether you need to replace apart, are thinking about building a computer, or just looking for some additional information, it’s important to understand the basic computer parts and what they do.


A Mid-tower computer case
The case is the part of your computer that holds all the other parts. Some common types of computer cases are: full-tower, mid-tower, mini-tower, and laptop. If you have a desktop computer, you are likely using a mid-tower; if you are using a notebook computer, you have a laptop case.


A Gigabit brand motherboard
The motherboard is the part of your computer that wires all of the other parts together. Every component of your computer, from the DVD burner to the CPU, will connect directly into the motherboard. Motherboard specs are typically designed around which processor (CPU) the computer uses. For example, if your computer uses an Intel processor, you will need an Intel compatible motherboard.

Processor (CPU)

An Intel Processor
The processor, or CPU, of a computer is basically the brains of the computer. The processor is responsible for interpreting every code it receives from the other computer components, and making it usable to your operating system. Some common types of processors are Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Phenom. A processor’s speed will often determine the overall speed of your computer.

Hard Drive

A Western Digital Hard Drive

The hard drive part of your computer is very simple. Essentially, it is the part of the computer that stores all your information. If you upload a picture to your computer, it is stored on the hard drive. Hard drive capacity is measure in gigabytes, or GB. There are typically two ways that hard drives can connect to the motherboard: SATA and IDE.

Video Cards (Graphic Cards)

A Simple Graphics Card
A graphic card is the component of your computer that interprets video signal. These cards are necessary so that you can connect a monitor to your computer. There are many types of graphic cards available: anything from high-end gaming cards to TV tuner cards. Some popular graphic card manufacturers are NVIDIA, ATI, and EVGA



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