Negative effects of drugs

Negative effects of drugs

On the body:  The effects that drugs have on the human body are causing the brain to mix up and have hormones of pleasure. The drug can cause them to cough and feel nauseous from all of the toxic chemicals.
On the mind: Modafinil: mild stimulant Desmopressin: Memory enhancer Piracetam: intelligence enhancer similar to: aniracetam, oxyracetam, pramiracetam, etc… Vinpecetin: vasso dialator, more blood to the brain Ginseng: Empathogen, all around functionality improvement, energy, immune system, memory, etc… Ginkgo Biloba: vasso dialator
there are many more, those are the most popular, some illegal drugs also improve mental function temporarily, such as speed or cocaine, but have side effects that make them less than ideal, for further information…
On education:  Drugs have no rightful place anywhere in society; however, they have even less of a place in academic environments where teens are living in their most formative years. That the teen drug/alcohol user’s academic performance is severely impaired, along with his or her level of responsibility – such as skipping class, failing to complete assignments, etc. – speaks to the notion that drug and alcohol use is rampant throughout the world middle and high schools. This abuse has produced teenage student bodies with many abusers whose relationships, reputations, futures, wallets, self-images and especially grades suffer as a direct result of the teen drug abuse.
On the society:  Here are some ways in which drugs affect our society. Drug-related crime disrupts neighborhoods with violence between dealers, threats to residents and the crime of the addicts themselves


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