Fat Soluble Vitamins


Fat Soluble Vitamins


  1.  1.      Vitamin A (Retinol) Sources = liver, eggs, fish and dairy products.
  • Lack of vitamin A ( Causes night blindness)
  • The yellow pigment (carotene), found in leafy vegetables and carrot can be turned into retinol.


  1. Water Soluble Vitamins
    Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) Sources: Sun light, liver, oily fish, eggs.
  2. a.      Lack of vitamin D can lead to (Rickets).
  3. b.      Bone tends to bend when Vitamin D is not present.
  4. c.       Vitamin D can be made by the body, just under the skin due to a lot of sunlight.
  1. 3.      Vitamin B Sources: corn, whole wheat cereal, oats, pea’s beans.
  • Lack of vitamin B (Can affect respiration where H2o supply is needed).
  • Polish rice or milled maze do not supply enough vitamin B


  1. 4.      Vitamin C Sources: Citrus Fruits, cherries, orange
  • Lack of vitamin C cause scurvy
  • Production of fiber is affected



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  • I always take vitamin-b complex because they help the nerve and also the conversion of food to energy. ,;*,*

    • i have a giant breed pup, newfoundland and i was told by a cpuole of his vets that he should take glucosamine chondroitin for his joints. he also takes nuvet plus for his skin and coat.other than those issues the food should provide all that he needs.the glucosamine chondroitin goes by the dogs weight so its best to ask the vet about the dose. my boy takes 3 a day.

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