The Skin System and its function

           The Skin System

The skin is the largest organ of the body!
The organ of the skin system is the skin itself. Totally covering the body, it is
the largest organ of the human body. The skin provides a tough covering
preventing the passage of bacteria, fungi, water and most chemicals into the
 The skin organ consists of:

  • The skin it self
  • Hair – found on ever
    part of the body expect Palms and soles of the Feet.
  • Nails – grow 1
    millimeter a week and take 8months to grow completely.


  • Melanine – is a pigment
    produced in the skin, it can color the skin brown, black, yellow depending on
    racial origin. Sunlight increases the production of melanine, which is also
    affected bby skin thickness and blood supply.


The Function of the Skin:

  • Provides a water proof
    covering protecting the body
    The Skin System
  • Helps regulate body
  • Excretes fluid
  • Manufactures vitamin D
  • Produce hair and an
    oil called sebum.


The Skin has two layers

The Epidermis:

  1. Is
         the layer of dead cells which acts as a water proof covering coat and a
         germ proof barrier

The Dermis:

  1. Contains
         the sweat glands blood capillaries, muscles, hair follicles and nerve


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