Disadvantages of impact printers(Simpler Answer)

Disadvantages of impact printers(Simpler Answer)
  • They are noisy
    • They create noise when the pins or typeface strike the ribbon to the paper.
    • The use of Sound dampening enclosures or covers become necessary in quiet environments.
  • They have limited scope
    • They can only print lower-resolution graphics.
    • Their colour performance is low.
    • They print low quality printouts.
    • Their speeds are limited by waiting for the next input.
  • Difficult to adjust single sheet
    • It becomes difficult to wind and align single-sheet papers.
    • Doing it manually is time consuming.
    • The other alternative is the use of unreliable sheet feeder.
    • The paper jams when printing labels on release paper.
    • It occurs when a print wire snags the leading edge of the label while printing at its very edge.
  • Paper jams

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