Curing Joint pain – remedies at home

joint painsThere are a host of diseases caused due to ageing. But consuming a pill each time for alleviating pain is not the only solution. Hence, natural or home remedies should be adopted. Read on and find out how.    
Joint pain is a common problem all over the globe that leaves many people confined in home with unbearable pain. Also, it adds to the irritation and leaves the person suffering from extreme pain in the lurch. Referred as arthralgia, joint pain has become a common problem among men and women as they age. Prevalent in all parts of the globe, it is not a disease but a condition which starts giving unbearable pain as bones weakens. Joint pain may also be caused due to inflammation or by bursitis, inflammation of the bursae – a fluid called bursa that provides couching to the structure of the joint.
Treating joint pain with home remedies

  • Applying ice pack on the affected area is a common therapy for treating joint pain.
  • Warm bath is one of the highly helpful home remedies for joint pains.
  • Although considered as old technique, massaging the affected area with any oil could be very effective as the heat from these oils enter into the joints, thus helping in relieving from joint pains.
  • Juices rich in nutrients and vitamins (such as carrot juice) are the best sources of attaining energy and relieving joint pains.
  • Drinking a cup of papaya seed tea every day six or seven times for two or three weeks helps to alleviate joint pain.
  • Banana is also the recommended fruit that helps in treating joint pains, as it helps the body to regain the lost nutrients.
  • Consumption of garlic cloves fried in butter is another effective treatment for pain relief
  • Before going to bed at night, massaging warm vinegar on the affected area provides instant relief from joint pains.
  • Consumption of warm milk with turmeric every night helps in healing and fighting against all body aches.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps in relieving joint pains joint pain
  • Carrot juice helps to make ligaments strong
  • Rub the painful joints with hot vinegar before going to bed at night.
  • Grate and soak potato over night. The water left after straining the grated potato could be drunk next morning, as it helps to fight pain.
  • A mixture of camphor, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil and menthol could be used for aches and joint pains
  • Besides, since exercises could help to prevent bone loose, simple exercises should be performed regularly. Also, exercises enhances flexibility and strengthens your bones.
  • Besides, yoga asana such as Gomukhasana would help to abate the pain
  • Additionally, application of alternate hot and cold compresses on the affected areas would give a relief from joint pains.

Besides all these, certain oils and rubs are also considered as very useful treatments for overcoming joint pains

  • Olive Oil: In addition to proper medical treatments, one way to manage joint pain is to use olive oil in the food. Also, warm olive oil could be rubbed on the painful region. 
  • Camphor rubs: Camphor contains medical properties which help to reduce pain, spasms and inflammation. Also, it helps to promote tissue healing and stimulates local circulation. Thus, when camphor oil and sunflower oil when applied on the affected region would help to alleviate the pain.


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