Causes, Symptoms and Prevention-Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is a condition where the system of a person is unable to break down the food into simple components due to lack of sufficient enzymes. Usually the food reacts adversely every time food or a particular ingredient is consumed. Sickness follows after eating and the various symptoms are diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain. Food intolerance is different than food poisoning which is caused by toxic substances or food allergy where the immune system is not working in top condition. Every person has some food intolerance from at least one or two kinds of food item but that is normal. Food intolerance from any kind of food is a medical ailment and needs medical intervention. The prevention, treatment and remedies for food intolerance are mentioned below.

Treatment for food intolerance

There are two methods to treat food intolerance, those are:
–                     Avoiding food stuff that is intolerable, and
–                     Establishing a level of tolerance towards foodfood tolerance
The foods that are responsible for causing food intolerance should be eliminated from the diet. Small children or adults who have lactose intolerance should replace there milk with soy milk or hypoallergenic milk. Doctors may also recommend adults to take lactase enzyme drops or capsules.
Suitable and beneficial alternatives have to be taken if certain foods are out of bounds and cause intolerance. A dietician can help to recommend what foods you can take and what not to take keeping in mind your health and your level of tolerance.

Prevention of food intolerance

Here are a few steps that can help you to prevent symptoms that you can face with food intolerance
–         If certain ingredients like peanut cause food intolerance in you, do check out labels of each food product that you buy from the grocery or supermarket. There could be some additives that may make you sick so better to be safe than be sorry.
–         When you dine out, ask to see the chef and find out what ingredient a certain meal contains since you are intolerant to certain foods. Let him or her know the ingredients you would not like to have in your dish so that there is no fear of falling sick.
–         You must be aware and know about what you are eating, even the quantity is important so that you may limit intake of the foods that cause intolerance in you.

Home remedies to treat food intolerance

Here are some home remedies that may bring you some amount of relief from food intolerance and alleviate the symptoms.
–         Before going to bed you can mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and drink it. It will make you feel comfortable.
–         Some powerful antioxidants are vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. You can take them to fight the symptoms of food intolerance.
–         Drink fennel tea and chamomile to feel better
–         Before dinner, try having a teaspoon of honey and lime in warm water.
–         Add ginger to your tea and drink it. It relieves symptoms associated with food intolerance.
–         Fresh fruits and vegetables help in the digestion process, eat them in abundance.
–         Eat a banana daily, it is great for overall health as well as helps in food intolerance.


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