The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual (SBA)


The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual


The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual is a document compilation of 20 documents that you have learnt to prepare. The manual will serve as a reference book that you would be able to use in interviews and in actual performance of duties at work. The documents should be, of mailable standards, neat and completely free off errors as followed in the guidelines instructed.

The reference manual provides an opportunity for you to develop your artistic talent and creative abilities. However, display documents must be constructed to facilitate easy reading and effective use.

 Contents Of The Reference Manual


  • A letter with table.
  • A letter with enumeration.
  • A short letter done on A5 paper with an addressed envelope.
  • A circular letter with tear-of slip.


  • Any type of memorandum

 Tabular work

  • An example of ruled tabulation with main headings and multiple columnar headings.
  • An example of ruled tabulation with oblique headings.


  • Completion of invoice or a statement.
  • Forms of applications e.g. A loan, application or club membership

 Committee documents

  • A notice of a meeting
  • An agenda of a meeting
  • A chairman’s agenda
  • Minutes of a meeting


  • An example of a manuscript which must show shoulder headings, paragraph headings and foot notes

 Display work

  • An invitation with a menu
  • A programme for an  event
  • Either  an organizational chart or a flow chart

 Literacy work

  • A play or a poem


Legal work

*Either a lease or hire purchase agreement

  • A will

 And two or three extra assignments



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