Words And Thier Meaning

  1. Light pen– is an input device which like the mouse, is used to choose objects on a display screen.
  2. Digital Camera-it allows you to take pictures and to store digital photographic images.
  3.  A PC Camera- is a digital camera that is attached to the computer. It gets its power from the computer. A PC camera can capture both moving and still images. Images captures by the PC cameras are sent directly to the computer where you can edit and store them.  Some PC is use as a security system to monitor shoppers.
  4. Magnetic strip- is a short piece of magnetic tape that is attached to a plastic care, such as a credit card, cash-point card or personal identity card. The strip contains personal details of the card owner as well as account information.
  5. An Optical mark reader: reads into the computer the marks made by pencil on a printed form. It is suited to reading pre-printed forms and check- boxes such as questionnaires and multiple choice examination paper. It enables data to be input quickly and easily, eliminating the need to type.
  6. Touch Screen- is a system of making input using a special type of visual display unit which has grid of light beam or fine wire across the screen.
  7. Direct voice unit- is the control of a computer by voice. The speaker uses a microphone and related software that converts sound waves to a digital code.
  8. Out put devices- are those parts that allow your computer to communicate with you.
  9. Printer- is a device that takes the information on your screen and transfers it to paper or a hard copy. There are two basic classes of printer- impact and non-impact.

Impact printer- uses a print head containing a number of metal pins which strike an inked ribbon placed between the print head and the paper.


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