Efficient data communication

Efficient data communication must be

  • Accurate
  • Timely
  • Cost effective

Data communication allows users to transmit and receive data and information.
The term media is the collection name for material s(tape, paper, disk) used to hold or transmit data. Communication media refers to the material used to transmit data and includes cables, fibre-opitc cable, radio waves and satellite links. Communication devices, on the other hand, are the parts of the computer that facilitate communication by using the media listed.
                The most commonly used computer communication device is the modem. Other communication devices include local area network (LAN) card, network hubs and wireless cards. Telecommunications is the sending and receiving of data by means of cables or wireless devices and media.
                For a computer to communicate with another computer (which may be a completely different system) an interface is needed. An interface is a device that allows otherwise incompatible items to be connected. An interfaces is usually a card that is inserted in one of the slots provided inside the computer. An interface is sometimes an external device with its own power supply that is plugged into the computer. Example of the interfaces include modems, network cards and wireless cards.


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