Communication Media & Devices

Wireless network:
A wireless does not use cables. It uses infrared or microwave radio signals to transmit and receive data. Wireless network are used where cables are inconvenient, for eg. If the network is created among building separated by streets. They are usually more expensive than cable-linked network.
Cellular network:
Some cellular phones are use to browse the internet sending and receiving faxes and electronic mail.
The internet>
The world’s largest network is the internet. It’s a world wide connection that links together millions of computer by means of modem, telephone lines and other communication devices and media.
The internet can be accessed either through a file service or through an internet service provider (ISP) or online service. A file server is a computer than is permanently connected to the internet.
An internet server provider is an organization that supplies connections to the internet for a monthly fee.
An online service provides access to the internet but also provides access to the internet but also provides other services such as financial information, entertainment, hardware and software guides, news and weather and direct messaging.
Direct messaging enables users to meet and communicate with persons all around the world suing either typed or voice message.
Discussion boards allow participant to type messages about a given topic. Respond to the message and usually linked to each other to allow the reader to easily follow the discussion.
Teleconferencing makes use of telecommunications technology to allow participants in  two or more location to speak with each other.  A teleconference is a group conference call in which al participants are able to speak with each other. Online meetings allow computer users to access the internet to create a chat room in which they can exchange typed message instantaneously.
Video conferencing allow users in distant location to see each other. The development of PC camera s and related software make video conferencing increasingly common.


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