E.D.P.M SBA: Sample of a Manuscript

Formatting a Word Document

This section presents formatting techniques beginning with the most automated first’s and then moves on to methods that gives you greater levels of formatting control. For other documents, you might need to use techniques described near the end of the chapter to modify automatically applied formats or to achieve more exacting results expectations.

Appling a Theme

The design or shape of a set of characters. You can select from a variety of font types, styles, sizes and colours.

Page Background

A theme might apply a solid background colours a background image to the document.

Applying styles

Paragraph Style

A complete set of paragraph and character formatting features. When you apply the style to a paragraph, all these features are designed to the paragraph text.

For many of the documents you create, you might be able to save time by using the more automated methods.

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    Does the Manuscript the students do need to come from a handwritten sample?

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      Yes it does. You may have a hand written doc that needs to be edited.

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