E.D.P.M SBA: Letter with enumeration

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36 Jasper Street, marcaripe, Cayman Islands
Telephone 789 4531, 789 4563; Fax 7894563


Ref VM / CL256

March 18th, 2010

The Principal
St Antonio Girls Collage
36-38 Jasper Lands
St Thomas VI



Dear Madam

We are happy to have your enquiry about our 2010 Summer Special Form One students.

I am enclosing the latest edition of ‘Sunshine Destinations.’ On page 6 you will find full details of the tour package. However, I must emphasize the following:

  1. An advance payment of 25% is required to initiate the booking process.
  2. The next instalment is 50% upon conformation of arrangements.
  3. The final payment is upon arrival and registration.
  4. Payments for additional services must be made on demand.
  5. Hotels in the country districts provide three meals per day. Most of them provide laundry facilities/services.

      6.   Tours leave at 09:00 daily and are expected to return by 17.00

      7.  Babysitting and geriatric car are available but arrangements should be made when booking. Please forward to us within seven days the details requested on page 16 of the brochure. Please provide the information exactly in the same order as shown in the sample booking form.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Morris

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5 thoughts on “E.D.P.M SBA: Letter with enumeration

  1. Does CXC visit this site cause i dont want to be filed for plagiarism plzzz help and it is suppose to be a two page letter!

    1. classtalker

      No They Dont. Due To All The Sba’s Given In At The Same Time. But You Do Need To Edit Whatever You Use From ClassTalkers Information Blog, For This Is A Public Blog. Thank You For Your Understanding.

  2. need more info yow dame

  3. i need help with my edpm sba
    when doing a two page blocked style letter does it have to get a letter head and also how do you start the second page ( is it with the date? )

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