The Six Types of Body Movements

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How Movement Occur

Movement occurs when a muscle contracts and pulls on a bone and another muscle relaxes to allow a bone to move.


The Six Types of Body Movements


  1. 1.     Flexion – is a bend that decrease angle at two bones.
  2. 2.    Extension – is a movement which straightens there by increasing the angle at a joint (opposite of flexion).
  3. 3.    Rotation – is a movement where the bone is moved around the central axis.
  4. 4.    Abduction – is the movement of a bone away from the center line of the body.
  5. 5.    Adduction – is the movement of a bone towards the center line of the body
  6. 6.    Circumduction – this is all five movements done (possible at the shoulder when we move our arm in a circle.
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