Features of impact Printer

  1. The general features of impact printer are-
    • They create the characters by striking  the paper.
    • They print on most types of paper.
    • Multiple (carbon) copies may be printed at once

Disadvantages of impact printers

  • They are relatively slow
  • They do not print transparencies (documents printed on clear plastic film for use with over head projector.

Dox –matrix are impact printer that draw a character from a series of dots. They are suitable for draft copies and home use, where the quality of finished document is not critical. They are also use for preparing of bills and invoices in hospital because they are cheap and durable.

Other printer- laser printer, inkjet printers, thermal printers, dye sublimation colour printers, plotter printers.

Non-impact printer: non-printers are much quieter than impact printer as their printing heads do not strike the paper. The general features of non-impact printer are.

  • The printer head does not make contact with the paper.
  • Higher speed in characters per second is possible.
  • They print on most types of paper but better quality is obtained with better paper.
  • Transparencies are usually supported.

Other printer laser printer, inkjet printer, thermal printer, dye sublimation colour printer, thermal dye printers and plotters.

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